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‘Timely Truths’ from Scripture

Min. James E. Green. MA

Study Text: John 1:1-28

Topic: The WORD

‘Timely Truths’

From Scripture

Min. James E. Green MA

A Study through John’s Gospel:

Today’s Text: John 1:1-18 📖

V. 1a His Eternality

“In the Beginning was the Word”

What are words? They are vehicles by which we communicate with each other. Through them we share our thoughts and feelings. What’s on our minds and in our hearts. With words we give directions and directives. We share our joy and our pain with others.

When God decided to break his silence with Mankind after 400 years (between the 📖Testaments) he did that through this Word we are studying about. Let’s continue.

V. 1b His Co-Unity

“And the Word was with God”

This Word lived with God from the very Beginning. They Coexisted together throughout Eternity past and were together when Time was established. They had a unique and special relationship.

V.1c His Deity

“And the Word was God”

Wait, What? Yes! This Word was God too! He was God’s equal in every aspect. In Majesty, in Power, in Glory. They had all things common. This Word was God. You see God exists in 3 and only 3 Persons: The Triune God (Trinity) Matthew 28:19/1st John 5:7

God the Father

God the Word (Son)

God The Holy Spirit

V. 2 His Personality

“The same was in the Beginning”

This same Word was there in the Beginning.He was not a thing or an idea, he was a Person. He had Personality.

V. 3 His Creativity

“All things were made by him”

He was the Agent of Creation. The ‘Master Carpenter’. Colossians 1:15-17. He made everything there is: You, Me, the birds, the bees, the water and the 🌳 trees. (only God can make a tree Mama said) He made the World 🌎 the Sun ☀️ Moon 🌙 and the Stars ⭐️⭐️ too.

Read Genesis Ch. 1

He was the ‘Big Bang’!!! ☄️

Note: Explosions never Construct.

They always Destruct. Take 2 sticks of Dynamite and put them under a pile of wood. Ignite them and watch the explosion. Do that Ten Million times over and over again, but it will never make a Chair! Only successive ‘broken’ pieces of wood! The Word ‘Constructed’ the seen and unseen Universe, out of nothing. Hebrews 11:3

Vs. 5-9 His Majesty

“In him was Life and the Light of men”

This Word came into a world of Darkness and gave it Light. He came to a world of Death because of Man’s Sin, and brought Life. Eternal Life he imparts to all who believe in him. John 10:25-30

Vs. 10-11 His Humility

Paraphrase “He came to the world he made and it did not know who he was; he came to his own relatives (the Jewish people) and they rejected him” Isaiah 1:1-3

Isaiah 53: 1-6

Imagine that. The God and Creator of all the Universe - Rejected!

Vs. 12-13 His Priority

“But as many as received him, to them he gave the Power and Authority to become the Sons of God; even to them that believe on his name”

You see his Mission Priority was our Salvation. This Word came to save us from our sin. Luke 19:10

V. 17 His Humanity

“And the Word was made flesh”

This Word who made man allowed himself to be made a Man (by God the Holy Spirit) in order to save man. Luke 1:26-35

God became a Man. 👤

I Timothy 3:16

V. 17 His Identity

“Grace and Truth came by

Jesus Christ”

Jesus = Jehovah Saves

Christ = the Anointed One

Conclusion: this Anointed one is none other than Jehovah (God) who came to Save mankind by way of Sacrifice. ✝️

1 Corinthians 15:1-4

V. 18 His Intentionality

“He has Revealed Him”

This Word has Revealed God to us. It was God’s ‘intention’ to reveal himself to his creation from the Beginning . Jesus is the Invisible God made Visible. John 14:9

Conclusion: 1st John 4:14

“The Father sent the Son (Word) to be the Savior of the World” ✝️🌎

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