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A Holy Ghost Fire

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Bear Creek Community Church formed from humble beginnigs. Growing from a substance abuse support group that met in Pastor Webb's home. The group has grown from the 5 original attendees of that meeting to where it is today. Bear Creek Church has been blessed in every season of its existance from his home to the generous free long term use of First Baptist Church Chapel to the renting and renovation of a warehouse at the corner of Conflance and Gilbert Rd. Now Bear Creek resides here in it's own building where not only the word of God goes forth but the work of God flows forth daily. Life at the Creek isnt always the easiest but the Lord always shows up and shows out like only He can.

Just days after Christmas December 28, 2017, it was very cold that winter night. The church was being used as an inclement weather shelter for the homeless in the city of irving when a fire broke out in the sanctuary.

One could only wonder what was God up to. Not only was the church was being used as an inclement weather shelter for the homeless in Irving and so many other out reach programs were being done in and through the church, Pastor Webb and the members. But God had a plan!

I has been 5 years coming and when we moved in to this 1 million dollar facility I dont think anyone would have imagined we would be building a whole new sanctuary but it is underway!

Check back often to see the progress and the new life God is birthing into Bear Creek Community Church.

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The Fire

December 28, 2017

Before the Fire

The Rebuild

Our Project Manager

             Bear Creek

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