Pastor Dennis Webb ties steel in a wall partition during the construction of a Kitchen on the Small Elizabeth Baptist Church in Pignon Haiti. He was part of a 5 member team of men April 2016 in this construction project.


Pastor Webb and Steve Perkins in green help lay brick.  



Haitian Flag

 Haiti Mission Project  2016

This mission project is scheduled for June 13-23.  Our team this year will work alone side Hosean International ministries and Elizabeth Baptist church. Our mission is a support role instead of an initiation role. The local ministries are aware of the needs of the community therefore we partner to provide financial and material resources they are not able to afford.  We come alone side them to spread the message and love of the gospel.

Our emphasis is on education and meeting practical needs including feeding and clothing the poor. We have hosted soccer camp, prayer walk, Vacation Bible School, maintenance and construction projects such as the kitchen and pastors office addition shown above, preaching at two churches and leadership and vision training for the leaders of Elizabeth Baptist church. 

Our physical presence is a blessing. We have forged relationships with some of our Brothers and Sisters in the Lord in Haiti and look forward to ministering and fellowshipping with them each time we go.   

                                      LEAD EDUCATION FOUNDATION

Pignon Haiti does not have a public school system.  Education opportunities are only available to those who can afford to pay school fees to the few schools in the town. The majority of youth in Pignon do not attend school.  Since there are very few non education opportunities in Haiti, education is the key to there future and the country.

Several of our mission youth who has gone on previous mission trips and witnessed this first hand were move by what they saw. They understand the blessing they have of free schooling.  Because of their desire to help youth attend school they formed the LEAD EDUCATION FOUNDATION.

This non-profit  foundation run by youth from the Bear Creek church raise money to pay school fees for youth to attend school. They have funded one student and are planning to fund several more this month.

A link to their website will be available soon.   


Mail contributions to Bear Creek Community Church 2700 Finley Rd. Irving Texas 75062 Haiti Mission or give online.

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